We Built It, Everybody Loved It And Now We Have to Say Goodbye


One day last month, our team got together to discuss the final decision to shutdown our Appidemia iphone app. It was a sad day for all of us.

For apps to work you need to make necessary updates and unfortunately our latest one wasn’t approved. This was the response we got from the Appstore:

“Please review your app to evaluate what features you can add to significantly differentiate your app from the App Store, both functionally and visually. Apps that also include filtering, bookmarking, searching, or sharing recommendations are not considered as significantly different from the App Store.”

One previous update was rejected once before, and then, after we appealed to the review board, the app was approved. It was rejected for the same reason. Appidemia is a social app discovery and as such was getting a significant traction and positive feedback from our users, pointing out exactly the features that differentiate us from the Appstore. 

This latest, and absolutely necessary, update was once again kept on hold and then rejected. Without it, app simply couldn’t work properly. The transition from iOS6 to iOS7 was happening rapidly and the majority of our users weren’t able to have a functioning Appidemia app on their iPhones. We had hundreds of thousands of users that had the old version of the app. It was so frustrating. 

Since we started building Appidemia, the Appstore guidelines kept changing constantly, which forced us to make numerous changes in order to follow these rules. We kept changing it so much, to the point that the only possibility was to have something completely different from what we started and wanted to build. We were left with an option to basically make a blog about apps. We didn’t want that. 

It was extremely devastating for our entire team to have to make this decision. We built it, watched it grow, literally every single day we followed the statistics, kept learning about our users, kept discovering new, amazing apps and then, suddenly, everything had to stop. Shutting our baby project down was the toughest decision, but it simply had to be done.

We grew and learned so much trough this whole process and more importantly, we formed an amazing team. This is the best thing we’ll take out of this experience.

We decided to take the high way, think positive and look at this as a reminder to stay true to our vision and continue to build things we love, we believe in.

After we recovered from the initial shock, we decided to shift our focus to a different project we had on hold since we never had the time to develop it next to Appidemia.

We won’t reveal details yet, but everyone is super excited about it and we already started working hard to make it happen. We can tell you for sure it’s not gonna depend on a single platform.

Just this week, we moved into a new office space. Our team has grown since we hired few new people. We are getting to know our new teammates, learning to play ping-pong and working full speed on this new project. You’ll hear more about it when it’s done and we wanna hear your thoughts. Don’t worry, we’ll keep you in the loop. ;)

Appricot Team

We’re looking for a PHP Developer


Appricot is looking for a team-oriented, skilled PHP Developer to join our established team in Belgrade. This is a full-time position. The ideal candidate will have excellent programing and communication skills, and a solid knowledge of the web applications development.

Minimal qualifications

  • 2+ years experience developing PHP applications.
  • Strong understanding of Object Oriented Programming.
  • Excellent understanding of MySQL.

Preferred qualifications

  • 5+ years experience developing PHP applications.
  • Experience with developing more advance applications (more complex than blogs, CMS or similar).
  • Experience writing tests.
  • Understanding at least one DVCS tool (GIT, HG, BZR…)
  • Experience working with Symfony2 framework.
  • Good understanding of front-end tech (HTML5, CSS, JS…)


  • Competitive salaries.
  • Full-time employment.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • Paid time off.
  • Technical Equipment.
  • Company dinners & happy hours.
  • Friendly Environment.
  • Much more…

We are looking for a passionate, dedicated and reliable candidate to join our team. Please send your resume (in english or serbian) to jobs@appricot.co if you believe this is the right position for you.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Introducing Appidemia

We are happy to announce our Appidemia app is just born! It is now officially live and available for download in the App Store.


In case you don’t already know, Appidemia is the Planet of the Apps.

It’s a perfect place for you to share your favorite apps and discover some cool new ones. On Appidemia everyone gets their own virtual iPhone where they can showcase their favorites and also share their thoughts and app recommendations.

You’ll get your personalized feed with your friends’ latest app activity such as which apps they started using, what they’re saying about specific apps etc.

You profile page displays your virtual iPhone that shows the apps you have, and of course, you choose which ones you wish to display or hide. 

Appidemia mimics real life app discovery, because lets face it, somehow friends always have better apps. How many times did you hear “Dude, check out this cool app I just got” or “You haven’t heard about Lumosity?” or “You should definitely download this app, it’s perfect for you” etc. 

Don’t be the last one to find out about Instagram. Step up your app game and be the cool kid on the block, ‘cos no one on the corner has apps like us. ;)

We are so happy and excited to see you on Appidemia, have fun!

Test and Preview Your iOS7 Icon Designs


Since Apple has introduced iOS7, one of the most obvious differences is the look of new icons. The icons are different in size, have rounded corners and grids. Of course, lets not forget the colors. Colors are also very different. Developers will now have to change and adjust designs of their old icons to fit the new, flat look of the iOS7.  

Ikonica app, with its newest update, will do precisely this. And it will do it quickly. Some of the new features:

  • Use your iOS6 to preview your icon design on iOS7.
  • Upload icon designs directly from Dropbox.
  • Generate different icon sizes that are ready for the use in the AppStore.

We’ve also fixed some bugs, improved web view and made it easier for you to share your icon designs with clients via email, iMessage or share via Twitter or FB.

Ikonica is super simple to use and extremely useful, especially now with the release of iOS7. Download it from the App Store and Mac App Store, make beautiful icon designs and get your app ready for iOS7.

We been getting a lot of cool app designs from our users and we just might have a competition to choose the best ones and award them. Feel free to send us your feedback and share your design.

MoFo Hackathon #2


Remember MoFo Hackathon we did in February? It resulted in Ikonica, a gorgeous app for designers that that ranked #1 in few Mac App Stores and had thousands of downloads within the first few days upon its launch.

Good news, we’re doing it again!

This time, Appricot is developing a product that will help teams, startups, entrepreneurs stay in the loop during product development phase. We are creating Loop: Mac app that curates the most important actions from the services like Dropbox, Bitbucket, Asana, etc. and displays them in a simple avatar based notification panel on your desktop.

MoFo Hackathon #2 has started at 2am PST and will continue for the next 48 hours until we finish the app and send for the review in the Mac App Store. Once again, we will spend the next 2 days working, eating, sleeping together (but separately) at the office and we will have Loop developed. Please follow our progress via Live Stream, Twitter or Facebook and give us your support. 

MoFo Team:

Igor Salindrija - Project Management
Mladjan Antic - OSX Development
Boris Ceranic - Backend and API
Nina Radenkovic - OSX UI Design
Filip Salindrija - Web Design
Aleksandar Ruzicic - Website coding + backend stuff
Chaky - Backend stuff
Maja Grujic - Marketing

Event updates

3:34am - We are pretty sure we have a super simple UI!


7:00am - Developers are still figuring out the API integration process.


08:34am - That’s a pretty neat logo! Infinite Loop. Sounds Familiar?


09:31am - …while designers are busy making something out of nothing, coders make sure stuff actually works.


1:51pm - Prototyping OSX app icon.


4:14pm - Wait, it seemed as a pretty much stupid simple app :Simage

5:24pm - Btw, we acquired getloop.com domain. Pretty neat, isn’t it? We love it!

5:41am - Still awake. Yeah… interface coding.


5:17pm - Some alpha version of Loop is finally installed on my Mac! Still have a glitches, but works like a charm!


2:01am - Finishing a video. We’re crazy after 48 hours insomnia.